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"Tonqal" salad
Capital salad
Mushroom salad
Chicken salad
Crab salad
King salad
Venegred salad
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Tike kebab
Doyma lyula kebab
Fish kebab
Khan kebab
Bastirma kebab
Chicken kebab
Fattail kebab
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Fish dishes

Fried sturgeon
Monastery fish
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Saj dishes

Sheep interiors
Chicken interiors
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About our restaurant

It is the present pearl among restaurants in Baku. The restaurant of a high class with live music traditional Azerbaijan tendir (oven made of clay in a hole in the earth), with own wine cellar which has already won wide popularity in Baku. The quality of magnificent dishes of national and European kitchen, which will be offered to you, testifies to our century traditions in cookery. Here all is delicious, everyone can find for himself a dish as desirable from the extensive menu. Besides being sure that it is prepared from the freshest products. In restaurant "Tonqal" it is possible to be enjoyed by romantic supper in idyllic conditions and to celebrate family and collective celebrations on a banquet.

While visiting a Restaurant, you will get into amazing garden buried in verdure of trees and flowers. It seems that the time has stopped in this restaurant, where interiors distinguished by original furniture. The interiors of restaurant differ by original furniture and variety of subjects of antiques, withdraw the visitors to the far past. An atmosphere of a rural life here is skillfully reconstructed. Now they are exotic and among them there is real antiquarian, the original specimens preserved from XVI - XVIII centuries. Artificial waterfall and brooks strengthen the first impression and are harmoniously entered in a general picture of "Tonqal ", which is created to make your rest especially beautiful and unforgettable.

Separate cabinets of restaurant would pleasure your rest, and the excellent service of the benevolent and highly skilled personnel will leave at you the best impression about the spent time.

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